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Bowen in the workplace

A Unique Approach to working

Bowen Therapy Session

There is a huge opportunity for all workplace in these financially difficult times, whether your team is large or small. Bowen Therapy can help both the financial and organizational problems caused by both the long-term and short-term employee sickness and absence.

Making an investment in Bowen Therapy can help provide valuable assistance in helping to maintain the health and well-being of your employees by enhancing productivity, increasing efficiency and reducing the overall cost of sick pay.

There are many job roles where the risk of musculoskeletal issues or emotional strain can occur, For example:

Care workers

Production line workers

Jobs involving sitting at a deck for long periods of time

Jobs including heavy lifting and manual labour

Long hours and shift work causing stress

Bowen Therapy has a very strong record of success in improving back, shoulder, hip and leg pain all of which are responsible for millions of sick days lost in Britain each year.


Bowen Therapy can be a great way of improving and maintaining  the health and well-being of your team.


 Bowen Therapy in the workplace is a cost effective option

I can offer you and your team an extremely competitive fee whether on or off site.

A belief that too frequent or unnecessary sessions can be detrimental rather than helpful, I will only treat those that i feel could genuinely benefit from a session.

Bowen has a higher success rate with issues that have not been resolved with other therapies. 

Most people and conditions are usually resolved in 1-3 sessions, however some more long term or chronic conditions will take longer.

If you feel you and your team could benefit from Bowen Therapy fill out my online form or give ma call and I'll get back to you.

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