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About Emily

My Background

My name is Emily Bentall, I am a Bowen Therapist based near Tewkesbury on the Gloucestershire/ Worcestershire border. I am able to offer appointments in my treatment room in Mitton, Tewkesbury and corporate Bowen Therapy sessions at your work place.

Bowen Therapy is a huge passion of mine, I first discovered the benefits of Bowen Therapy when one of my horses had damaged their back, the therapy was amazing and after a few treatments the horse was back to normal. After speaking to my Bowen Therapist I decided to give it a go as well, and again after a few sessions my recurring knee and ankle pain subsided.

After these positive and Beneficial outcomes from Bowen Therapy I realized that this was a career path that I wanted to pursue, to allow others the benefit of this amazing non-invasive form of pain relief and I took the course to qualify in Bowen Therapy in 2018.


  •  Diploma of Proficiency in Bowen Therapeutic Technique - April 2018.

  • Emergency First Aid at Work - September 2022

  • Anatomy and Physiology Diploma  - March 2023

Hand Massage

Welcome to Bowen with Emily

Emily's Bowen Therapy mission is to relieve pain and improve the physical and mental health of clients on the Gloucestershire/Worcestershire border by offering the proven Bowen technique. The Bowen Technique is a soft tissue remedial therapy that involves gentle movements over muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia in various parts of the body. This pain-relieving therapy can be effective to help release everyday stresses and revitalize the whole person as well as offering deep relaxation. Each session varies according to the particular needs of the client.

Bowen therapy is gentle enough to be used on new injuries, even over swollen and inflamed tissue. it can be extremely effective in treating long term issues where other treatments may have failed for instance, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis and whiplash injuries.

Bowen can help to improve the overall body function, concentration, posture and general health. it can also have a benefit to mental ability and restore lost vitality by removing the effects of stress on the body.

Bowen can help the body absorb and distribute nutrients to the rest of the body effectively through the lymphatic drainage, helping the body to eliminate toxins, rebalance hormones and metabolic rates improve digestion and help to lose weight.

What does a treatment involve?

Bowen therapy has best results by working directly on the skin (underwear will never be undone or removed) fresh towels are provided for modesty and comfort. However if you prefer you can wear light clothing with minimal elastic.

There will be a full medical history taken before the hands on therapy begins. All sessions include a  Musculo-skeletal assessment.

using only fingers and thumbs I will make gentle rolling movements over the specific points of the body, these could be over muscle, ligaments, nerves and tendons with short breaks put in to the session to allow the body time for rest.

A session will last between 30 and 45 minutes (first session a little longer to allow for the medical history form to be completed). Many people experiece relief from pain during or just after the first visit and over the next 3 to 4 days as the body accepts the treatment and continues to rebalance and align itself, Bowen therapy can take up to 7 days to allow all actions to be accepted by the body so you will keep noticing changes for the week after your session.

How many Bowen treatments will I need?

Many people will notice a big improvement after just one session, and many conditions can be resolved in just 3 or 4 sessions.

the aim of Bowen therapy is to help the client make a quick long lasting recovery as opposed to just managing it in the short term. the number of sessions will of course depend on the severity and nature of the problem.

Many people notice that even long term chronic conditions respond well to Bowen therapy within a few sessions, then return to me monthly for a "top up" session.

What to do after your Bowen session!

After each session it is recommended that you;

  • Get up and move around every half an hour on the day of the session. This will help the body realign itself, particularly useful for those with back problems.

  • Drink plenty of water! water will not only hydrate you and make you feel better but will also help flush out those toxins that the Bowen has released during the session.

  • Be patient, please don't have any other bodywork for at least 5 days after your session, Bowen can take up to 10 days to fully take effect and be integrated into the body. Trust the technique!

  • Sessions are best scheduled between 5 and 10 days apart whilst we are treating an ongoing problem, sessions can then be spread out to fortnightly, monthly or as and when needed as the problem is resolved.

  • I will sometimes send you home with exercises  to do, predominantly after shoulder or pelvic work, please try and do these as they will benefit the therapy massively.

  • Please don't apply heat or ice packs to the problem area as this can interfere with the therapy and prevent it from working.

  • Please get in touch if you have any questions after your session, sometimes you might have quite strong reactions to the therapy as it takes effect.

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